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About TV1 is a new Internet company that provides viewers with the best technical and editorial tools to enjoy the web video revolution.

The "1" in is you, each viewer. TV1's patent pending system allows users to organize libraries of viewable links to videos from anywhere on the web. Users can create and easily share unique personalized video blogs from their libraries, and editorialize on any subject they like. These video blogs are organized into easily-accessed channels, allowing any visitors to access the themed collections that bloggers create. is dedicated to helping people navigate this new interactive world of video without gatekeepers. Whether it is on our own website, or the websites we license our software to, has been created around the 21st century Internet-fed TV premise that "You Choose." You Choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. was founded by CEO Jonathan Greenberg, who, in early 1996, created Gist Communications, which became the Internet's largest, most innovative network of personalized TV listings guides and content. In May, 1996, Gist acquired a customized TV listings technology company called Under Greenberg's management, Gist integrated the website and technology with original editorial content and interactive applications to create a suite of online TV guide services for visitors as well as custom sites for corporate clients that included Yahoo, My Yahoo, AOL, MSN, NBC, ABC,,, Echostar and Hewlett Packard.

In 1997, won the Webby Award for the Best TV site, and Entertainment Weekly dubbed Gist the "Best Online TV Listings." By the spring of 2000, Gist and its network of prominent media partners using the company's TV listings applications and content was larger than its large competitor,, and had grown to four million registered users and 2.4 million monthly visitors.

More information about Gist can be found here

The new is an independent limited liability company owned and managed by Jonathan Greenberg and private investors. Gist's former editorial director, Cheryl Everette, has joined the team, overseeing its unique editorial selection processes. is a wholly independent new media company. We are a small, growing team, interested in how you think we might make our service better. We look forward to hearing your comments at:

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