Four Ways Trump’s Fascist Dictatorship Will Ruin Women’s Lives

Four Ways Trump’s Fascist Dictatorship Will Ruin Women’s Lives

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to help the Stop Trump Dictatorship Project reach our targeted audience of uninformed, misinformed and apathetic voters in swing states who will decide the most important presidential election in history.

This is a crowdfunded effort and we encourage the support of other American patriots who feel, as we do, that a Trump second term would bring the death of American democracy and a nightmarish Putin-style dictatorship.

We pay no commissions and all money donated will go to creating and marketing hard hitting, opinion shifting YouTube ads. Every $100 will buy more than 4,000 30-second video views in swing states.

Video written by Jonathan Greenberg and produced by Progressive Source Communications for Progressive Source PAC.

The mission of Progressive Source PAC’s Stop Trump Dictatorship Project is to create and promote geographically targeted web videos that build voter awareness to stop Trump from winning the 2024 presidential election and replacing our democracy with a Putin-style dictatorship.

As a fully independent, patriotic public interest advocacy effort, we are not affiliated with any political candidate, party, or organization.

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